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Subject: complex type for PModeBusinessInfoType for discussion

Role is included here instead of with Party related identification.

This is for discussion and reflects Role being a basic category of ebBP or BPSS.


Types for EII are tentative. I think we might need some attributes. xsd:string is probably not restrictive enough.


<xsd:complexType name="PModeBusinessInfoType">


                                    <xsd:element name="Service" type="xsd:string"/>

                                    <xsd:element name="Action" type="xsd:string"/>

                                    <xsd:element name="Role" type="xsd:string"/>

                                    <xsd:element name="PayloadProfile" type="tns:PayloadProfileType" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>

                                    <xsd:element name="MPF"/>

                                    <xsd:element name="Properties"/>



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