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Subject: Error reporting Ed note

Section 6.6 in WD16:
an Ed note was not fully resolved. I guess the first bullet point needs clarification that SOAP Faults must always be generated for "failure" severity level, and that the Fault message (for ebms processing)  must also include eb:Messaging header with eb:Error element(s).
The first bullet could then be:
Reporting with Fault Sending: An MSH MUST generate a SOAP Fault for reporting ebMS processing errors of severity "failure", which prevent further message processing. This Fault must comply with SOAP Fault processing, i.e. be sent back as an HTTP response in case the message in error was over an HTTP request. In case of ebMS processing errors (see 6.7.1) the Fault message MUST also include the eb:SignalMessage/eb:Error element in the eb:Messaging header.
So Fault "detail" is not required to be used here , as it is always assumed that an eb:Error header element will give details (e.g. with refToMessageInError), at least for Faults generated by the ebms processing module (not required for Security or Reliability modules)
For the last bullet:
Error message: an ebMS signal message sent from one MSH to another, which contains at least one eb:Error element. Such a reporting action is modeled by Send and Receive abstract operations over such a message.
we could add:
The reporting message must always be combined with a SOAP Fault unless the severity is "warning".

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