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Subject: about Receipts

Following-up on the issue of unspecified Ack/Receipt message alluded to in section 7.12.2 for non-repudiation support, here is what I think would be required in the core spec to fix it. (in addition to schema update that Dale is working on.)
Unless we get a clear and final proposal for this by next week to agree on, I would suggest to defer it to Part 2.
In 5.2.4:
second bullet: mention that " There is only one (eb:[SignalName]) such element child of eb:SignalMessage, except for eb:Error which may occur several times (see below)." add (short) description of:


in 7.12.2: make a reference to eb:Receipt more explicit.
in 5.2.1: update the "bundling " section as follows:

When the eb:Messaging element contains both an eb:UserMessage element and at least one eb:SignalMessage, element, this is called message unit bundling. The following rules govern message unit bundling:

·        The eb:Messaging element contains no more than one eb:UserMessage element.

·        The eb:Messaging element with or without an eb:UserMessage child element may contain more than one eb:SignalMessage element, but not two signal messages of the same type (e.g. two eb:SignalMessage elements containing each an eb:PullRequest element may not be present).

The following is a list of valid bundling cases:

<keep here same list of bullets (a)(b)(c)(d), but add the following two bullets: >

·        (e) any of the above bundling cases (a-c-d), with the eb:PullRequest element replaced with the eb:Receipt element.

·        (f) any of the above bundling cases (a-b-c-d), with the eb:Receipt element being added as child of eb:Messaging



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