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Subject: FW: [ebxml-msg] Groups - ebXML Messaging TC weekly call added


      for info from yesterdays call this was the start of the discussion
of a potential 2nd level retry for long outages etc.


-----Original Message-----
From: Kailar, Rajashekar . (CDC/CCHIS/NCPHI) (CTR) [mailto:rok9@CDC.GOV]

Sent: 21 February 2007 20:10
To: Jones,IC,Ian,XDT63 R
Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg] Groups - ebXML Messaging TC weekly call added

Hi Ian,

I will not be able to make it to the TC meeting today. Here is one point
I wanted to bring up:

Within the CDC PHINMS, we have a feature called "delayed retry". This is
done by a "Message Sender" when a "Message Receiver" is down for an
extended period of time (i.e., after a certain number of retries are
unsuccessful). Basically, the message is kept in a cache and we attempt
it after a long delay (say a few hours or a day). This is useful to
handle network failures. 

I realize that regular retries using the same conversation ID etc are
part of the spec. Is the above kind of delayed retry part of the
"guaranteed delivery" specification? If not, it may be a useful


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From: ian.c.jones@bt.com [mailto:ian.c.jones@bt.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 7:32 AM
To: ebxml-msg@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ebxml-msg] Groups - ebXML Messaging TC weekly call added

ebXML Messaging TC weekly call has been added by Mr Ian Jones

Date:  Wednesday, 21 February 2007
Time:  02:30pm - 04:00pm PT

Event Description:
ebXML Messaging TC weekly call 

Tel: 1-620-782-2200
Pass code 120905

1. Role
1a.  Approval of previous minutes
2. New Issues
    None posted
3. Non-repudiation issues from JC
4. Webinar - OASIS is trying to arrange a sequnce of web presentations
on ebXML.  The TC has been asked to contribute 5. Review of outstanding
issues 6. A.O.B.


View event details:

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application may be breaking the link into two pieces.  You may be able
to copy and paste the entire link address into the address field of your
web browser.

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