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Subject: proposal for ebbpsig:NonRepudiationInformation

Following-up on the level of requirement for the ebbpsig:NonRepudiationInformation element:
- As Pete suggested, the core specification could be made more open to future profiling by stating SHOULD in place of MUST, for the presence of ebbpsig:NonRepudiationInformation - also lessening dependency on ebbp schema.
- the Gateway conformance profile will then narrow this further (MUST) by requiring it. (NOTE: the gateway profile is already relied upon to resolve options much more critical for interoperability, e.g. in reliability area).
This way, developers have a clear guidance as long as the "Gateway One"  conformance profile is the interoperability baseline, while the specification remains open for future evolution of practices (meaning for new conformance profiles).
Jacques & Hamid

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