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Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg] Addition to Gateway Conformance Profile

Sorry I am replying this late. I did not read the list for a while. So I need to catch up a little bit on emails and try to give my comments…


I perfectly understand the issue Dale is pointing to and would like to resolve. However I don’t think the resolution is the correct one. We cannot require the gateway profile to support version 2. This would be equivalent in saying the ebMS-3 is a super-set of version 2. This is because the gateway profile is directly related to the core spec and represents the normal implementation of it. Other conformance profiles are “exotic” (in a sense) or derivative. Creating a new conformance profile in which version 2 must be supported as well is fine, but to put this directly in the main conformance profile (gateway) is the same thing as putting this in the core spec itself, and this is not a good approach.




From: Dale Moberg [mailto:dmoberg@us.axway.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 6:32 AM
To: ebXML Messaging TC
Cc: Ric Emery; Persson Ulf; Colombier Guillaume
Subject: [ebxml-msg] Addition to Gateway Conformance Profile


I would like the Gateway Conformance Profile for ebMS 3.0 to require that an ebMS 3.0 MSH also be able to support ebMS 2.0 functionality, at least at a basic interoperability level.


This requirement addresses end-user concerns that because of the updates in ebMS using some WS-* technology specifications (WSS, etc), that therefore ebMS 3 has incompatible differences from ebMS 2.0. It is important to assure those who have the ebMS 2.0 technology in production that there is no loss of ebMS 2.0 functionality when selecting an ebMS 3.0 MSH satisfying the main (full-featured) conformance profile.


I will be on a plane during the call today but hope to rejoin the TC meeting next week.


Dale Moberg

Axway Inc.



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