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Subject: Intermediary I-cloud "requirements" draft

Here are some of the goals (not axioms!) that we have been discussing for building various I-clouds. It is too early for axioms IMO.




  a. intermediary cloud can remap an original sender’s message types to a new recipient without the original sender changing its configuration

  b. intermediary should strive to maintain transparency by not modifying message excessively


Transparency aspects


  a. original signatures remain unbroken (and probably need to be designed to withstand some I-cloud modifications)

  b. reliability assurances are preserved to the extent possible – end to end if possible

  c. data confidentiality is preserved (and may also need to be designed/constrained to enable I-cloud presence)




  a. Core conformance endpoints (original sender and ultimate receiver) should not need to modify behavior [at all | excessively].

  b. MSH intermediaries will have special conformance profile


SOAP intermediary


  a. A MSH intermediary is also a SOAP intermediary, but may be constrained in certain ways by SOAP (probably underconstrained by SOAP Intermediary rules)

  b. A MSH SOAP intermediary can be targeted by headers and those headers removed.

  c. Addition of headers must be carefully scrutinized with respect to Transparency aspects.


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