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Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg] Intermediary I-cloud "requirements" draft

Dale / Hamid,

I think you can state just one or two guiding principles here - that sit above the various operational behaviour goals - that will ensure clear cut actions that are permissible.

This is a bit like writing the bill of rights in the constitution - that is then interpreted in the context of various everyday laws and situations.

The good news here is I believe I see that you have these already sketched these out in your dialogues - to wit:


1) Data confidentiality is preserved unconditionally - for a sender routing through intermediary delivery should be 100% equivalent to direct peer-to-peer delivery and transparent to the sender. 

2) Sender may choose to expose directives and information to intermediaries to effect actions and inform the intermediary accordingly, at the discretion of the sender, but the intermediary may not require exposure of information.

OK - I'm offering this as a start point that you can embellish and extend!?!

Very interesting discussion BTW.   I assume we can relate this back at some point to the CDC use cases...and examine how those work in conjunction with the "traffic rules" ebMS provides.

Thanks, DW

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