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Subject: Some routing questions

Some routing questions we should answer:
- We have assumed so far that ebms routing is based on header fields in eb:Messaging.
Do we assume eb:Messaging is never encrypted? Or else do we assume that the fields
used for routing must be "replicated" in a new header that will never be encrypted (something acting as the "delivery" header
in RNIF?)
- inside eb:Messaging header, the routing of user messages is likely done based on subelements in eb:UserMessage: eb:PartyInfo, eb:CollaborationInfo, eb:MessageProperties, eb:PayloadInfo.
Probably not based on eb:MessageInfo that only holds ID data and timestamps.
In that case, how do we plan to route the ebMS Receipt signal? And other ebMS Error signals?
These signals have none of all the above eb:Usermessage elements, and only share eb:MessageInfo in common with  user messages. On the other hand, because they are "response" messages, we know their destination (or what is the last intermediary on its way). It appears that a different routing function is needed for such response messages. SHouldn't it rely on wsa?

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