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Subject: Hopping along

Here is a first cut at a multihop section outline. If I dont hear outcries I'll start to flesh out a draft along these lines, based on what we have heard so far.

1        Multihop Messaging


1.1 Multihop Topologies

·         Hub-and-Spoke

·         Interconnected Hubs

·         Bridged Domains (with interconnected Gateways)


1.2 Usage Requirements

·         Connectivity and Addressability constraints (MEPs supported, private IP domains…)

·         QoS of exchanges (end-to-end RM,  signature over all headers, WS-I compliance, transparent intermediary and streaming…)

·         Intermediary Configurability and Change management (PMode [non]awareness, routing functions and their updates…)

·         Contingent requirements (possibility of user message bundling,…)

·         Endpoints requirements ([non]awareness of the I-Cloud, V3 conformance level, WS-addressing support)

·         Error handling


1.3 The Intermediary MSH Role

·         Message forwarding (requirements for Intermediary, MPC handling, MEP bridging)

·         Routing function: Header metadata used, Reverse routing (or eb responses, of eb signals)

·         Use of WS-addressing EPRs

·         Error handling


1.4 Reliable Multihop

·         Establishing a Reliable Sequence with WS-ReliableMessaging (requirements on Endpoint MSHs…)

·         Routing of response RM signals (use of WS-a headers, ref parameters…)

·         Case of non-addressable endpoints

·         The case of WS-Reliability conformance profiles

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