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Subject: Table entry to supplement existing conformance profiles; are edits needed in other conformance profile sections? this version before Sander input

Editorial actions (draft)



Add to Feature Set Tables in the following profiles


2.2 Conformance Profile: Gateway RM V3

2.3 Conformance Profile: Gateway RX V3

2.4 Conformance Profile: Gateway RM V2/3

2.5 Conformance Profile: Gateway RX V2/3


[Because RM (WS-Reliability versions do not use signal messages, should we delete “with Reliability Messages”?]


3.2 Conformance Profile: Light Handler (LH-CP)



3.3 Conformance Profile: Activity Monitor (AM-CP)


Does AM-CP need Intermediary support?






Profile Feature Set


ebMS Intermediary Support

Support for ebMS simple MEPs, in either Sender or Receiver roles:

One-way / Push,

One-way / Pull,

Support for Configurability of WS-Addressing ReferenceParameter containers with ebMS 3 Metadata used by Intermediaries for Routing with Reliability Messages and with ebMS 3 signals







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