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Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg] Conformance Profile Standardization for Deployment environments with ebMS intermediaries

inline <JD>

From: Moberg Dale [mailto:dmoberg@axway.com]
Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 10:45 AM
To: ebxml-msg@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ebxml-msg] Conformance Profile Standardization for Deployment environments with ebMS intermediaries

My action item from this week’s ebMS teleconference was to summarize the approach I advocated concerning intermediaries and our existing conformance profiles


First, it is my understanding that these existing conformance profiles remain committee drafts. I advocated moving them fairly rapidly to committee specifications and obtaining public reviews.


To accomplish this, we need to make a few edits to the existing profiles (other than the ebMS MSH intermediary profile) 


<JD> also other updates are needed, see my email titled: "Conformance profiles for ebMS V3: need an update?  "  of 7/16


So, second, each profile needs to supplemented by a section that explains the requirements for functioning in an environment including ebMS v 3 intermediaries. 


<JD> Although we have to be careful that we cannot reference (yet) V3 Part 2 from this Conformance Profile adjunct doc, as long as Part 2 has no formal standing, e.g. is not published as Committee Draft at least. E.g. we can only refer to "Intermediaries" if the reader has access to a formal definition somewhere.



The essential point is that support for WS-Addressing reference parameters as containers for ebMS 3 metadata is required for all conformance profiles.


<JD> In the case of the Gateway RM profiles, the support for wsa might be lighter I believe (as MSHs can participate as multihop endpoints without having to worry about sequence management messages). In case acknowledgments can be sent back directly to the sender (URL specified in ReplyPattern/ReplyTo) then I suspect no support for wsa is needed for these endpoints.




Third, the format of this metadata should be made explicit in the Intermediaries conformance profile.


Fourth, in each profile, it should be noted which messages will not need supplementary information (the user messages) and which ones will need this supplementary information if connecting to an ebMS v 3 intermediary. (For example, profiles depending upon WS-ReliableMessaging setup messages will need WS-Addressing containers for the metadata, but profiles using WS-Reliability do not have those requirements.) 


<JD> Right. 


The previous steps should allow us to meet our goal of allowing “vanilla” conformance profiles to operate without change with deployments involving intermediaries.


 <JD> I have tried to open the O.O. source of the latest Conformance Profiles adjunct CD that Pete posted time ago, but I must have the wrong version of OpenOffice (V2 beta) (have not downloaded yet the most recent one that Pete used.) or must miss something. Just curious if someone has been able to open it?






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