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Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg] Message authorization in conf profiles

So there are two ways to deal with this in AS4 (only the first one is an option for the other ebMS3 Conformance Profiles):


(a)  If it really has to be optional *in AS4 implementations*, then do not mention this in the AS4 profile: the conformance profile only makes a statement on what minimal capability must be supported by a conforming implementation - here username/password authentication. You can always support X.509 on top of this, and you can always decide to use it with your partner.


(b)  If we want AS4 implementations to always allow for this (so its just a matter of configuration for users to decide to use it or not), then In AS4 we can add this to the new "additional features" section. Meaning as an implementation conforming to AS4 it must support it.



I would vote for (b) – must implement.

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