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Subject: uploaded rev27 of multihop draft

Just uploaded rev27 of multihop draft, based on comments from Sander on Feb 11:
- in 1.6.4: distinction Available routing input / Effective routing input , and related recommendation in 1.9 on managing RM sequences. ()see use of PMode.reliability.correlation)
- in 1.6.4: about the case where only the @mpc value is used for routing: requirement to not use this mpc in different endpoints.
- in 1.4.5: recommendation on how to interpret "reinsert" in the soap intermediary model.
- in 1.6.5: remove the requirments of which forwarding patterns MUST be supported by intermeidaries (TBD by conformance profiles)
- moved in the paragraph about wsa:Action that was in Appendix B:1.11.2.

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