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Subject: [Fwd: Some AS4 queries]


I'm cross-posting your questions to the AS4 and ebMS elists.  I'll provide you some feedback via those lists, and I'm sure there are others on those lists that can help you also.  Thanks for your questions.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Some AS4 queries
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 15:21:36 -0700
From: Makesh Rao (marao) <marao@cisco.com>
To: <timothy@drummondgroup.com>
References: <20090702143554.27317.qmail@eos.oasis-open.org>

Hi Timothy

We had some queries we hoped you could help provide some clarity on or atleast poing to someone who can help. 

- The spec states that Signal Msg cannot have body. How is bundled msg handled ? Is it thru attachments ? Or does this constraint apply to a pure Signal Message ?

- If a msg has to be retried, then is it necessary to again bundle the same user msg, errors etc as original ? 

- Does the MSH implementation need to wait for the actual backend service to initiate a pull to the MSH or can it send the pull signal message on its own based on some agreements ?

- How is the identity of the sender determined from a signal message. From the WSS credentials ?

- Msg delivery : In a bundled msg, should we assume that an eb:Receipt for a UserMsg means that even the errors/receipts are delivered ? Similarly if the MSH returns error that the User Msg is not delivered, then is the error also not delivered ?

- Is there a One-One correspondence with User Msg Headers and the number of attachments or can there be more attachments than the headers.

- Can there be multiple payloads for a User Msg Header ? What I wanted to know is how can partners send multiple messages in one User Msg e.g. can multiple quotes be sent as one user message ?

- The ebMS speaks about a PullAndPull MEP. Does AS4 support this ?

- Finally can we have some more sample messages covering some of these scenarios ? So we know how they look on the wire.

Appreciate any help you can provide..


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