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Subject: PMode parameters for controlling bundling

Proposed PMode parameters for Bundling control:
- PMode.Message.maxSize: overall, maximum size of any message in this PMode (bundled or not)
- PMode.Bundling.timeWindow: overall, maximum waiting time to be used for closing a bundle on the sending side, and send it.
- PMode[1].Bundling.Homogeneous: yes = bundling authorized for this PMode.
- PMode[1].Bundling.Heterogeneous: yes = bundling authorized with other compatible PModes , i.e. - assuming same Reliability and Security profiles, and - in case of multihop - same destination.
- PMode[1].Bundling.Heterogeneous.Correlation: specifies rules for bundling messages together (same semantics as for PMode[1].Reliability.Correlation ). If not present, the general bundling rules apply (i.e. compatibility of PModes for QoS and destination)
- PMode[1].Bundling.Receipts: yes = bundling of Receipts requested for messages bundled together.
- PMode[1].Bundling.Errors: yes = bundling of Errors requested for messages bundled together.

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