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Subject: Bundling expectations on error conditions

Bundle delivery under selected error situations.
Reliability in use only, error during unbundling, bundle as a whole is not acked.


That is, an error during unbundling should not count as a reception.
            No delivery to back end should occur of any part.
Security in use, with or without reliability,
            One signature, all parts fail. Error sent, no parts delivered.
            Signature over each part, errors for each part sent and (during teleconference it was held that)
                        No further specification given.
                        That is, MSH can deliver non-erroneous parts or deliver nothing.
However, on this last point, Axway instead thinks that the MSH behavior should conform to the policy that any error means no part is delivered to the back end. It is OK to ack the message, however. Just include the security error and the ack, if using back channel (aka synchronous).


We also think that it must be explained that a reliability ack just means Received, and not “Processed”

We want it to be possible that the bundle is received and an ack is sent for it even when errors are encountered during some MSH processing.


So unbundling here just means finding (“parsing”) the parts of the bundle.


We think clear expectations between/among MSHes  with a determinant outcome is better here, even though it results in probably not trying to bundle on the next attempt to exchange the data that was not successfully sent. Maybe a WS-Policy value can in the future be added to override this expectation, but wait until endusers need it.







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