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Subject: Message expiration

Title: Re: [ebxml-msg] Groups - ebXML Messaging TC weekly call added

In the ebMS 3.0 Core Specification there is a reference in F.2.1.1 to the ebMS 2.0 TimeToLive element. In situations where this has business semantics, the core v3.0 hints that an extension property could be defined with this semantics. During the call there were reservations about adding such a property to part 2 (at least without a lot more research).

As discussed during the last two calls, we could add the following paragraph to section 2.6.2 to express reliable messaging semantics for expiration (to stop resending/reforwarding):

Message Expiration. An intermediary MAY understand WS-Reliability  [WSR11] headers, even if it is not explicitly identified as the target of those headers. If it does, it MAY check the value of the wsr:Request/wsr:ExpiryTime. If the value expresses that the message being forwarded has expired, as specified by WS-Reliability, the intermediary SHOULD discard the message silently without any notification to either the sender or destination.  

In WS-ReliableMessaging, expiration is defined for sequences, not for individual messages, so this mechanism is not relevant for intermediaries that just pass on SOAP messages, when sequences are established with ultimate receivers.



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