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Subject: Should ebMS TC join OASIS Blue?

I'd like to suggest to the ebMS TC that we consider aligning ourselves with the OASIS Blue member section, and is composed of a number of OASIS TC's working together to "capitalize on, profile and extend existing electronic commerce and data exchange standards" to "permit interoperable smart energy grids, and those plugged into them, to advance sustainability and economic opportunity, by applying lessons from the Internet and electronic commerce to networks of energy use, demand and generation."

OASIS Blue specifically calls out ebXML and Web services standards like WS-Security as solution standards Smart Grid interoperability and security.  The Smart Grid would be a huge market for ebMS and is the current focus of much US funding by the administration.

A short white paper of the OASIS Blue initiative can be found at http://www.oasis-open.org/resources/white-papers/blue/

OASIS Blue intends to synergize a range of OASIS standards to basically bootstrap the informational interoperability of the Smart Grid using the proven key eCommerce standards such as:
  • Our oBIX Technical Committee (TC) produces specifications for interacting with the smart buildings and with other energy using technologies.
  • Our Forest Industries TC works to facilitate the flow of information from forest managers to their customers.
  • Our pioneering eCommerce standards such as ebXML, BPEL, and UDDI, have empowered businesses and consumers to make better economic decisions, achieving efficiencies and driving innovation for the economy as a whole.
  • Our fine-grained security standards, including SAML, WS-Security, and XACML, enable highly scalable solutions that allow high confidence in who your partners are, who you're communicating with, and what authorization they have.
Basically leveraging standards like oBIX, ebXML, WS-* standards like WS-Security, and SAML to facilitate Smart Grid interoperability.  OASIS Blue brings together three seminal areas of standards work: energy, security, and transparency.

From the white paper..

To truly respond to the grid, building systems must become responsive to their occupants. oBIX and other OASIS specifications will enable competitive development of software to mediate between building-based systems and the intelligent power grid. Open standards are the way to incorporate business needs, household needs, and other information into energy decisions in an interoperable manner,creating new markets.


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