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Subject: bundling rule clashes with WS-I BP

We have a bundling rule that violates the WS-I Basic Profile 2.0:
 In Bundling  3.2.1:

BP 2.0 profile (similar one exists in BP 1.2 for SOAP 1.1):

R9981 (from issue: ) An ENVELOPE MUST have exactly zero or one child elements of the soap12:Body element.

in 4.4.1:

" For document-literal bindings, the Profile requires that at most one part, abstractly defined with the element attribute, be serialized into the soap12:Body element. ..."

Rationale is "...interoperability problems if different implementations do not agree on the number of allowable children for
   the soapXX:Body element. "


We should redefine this bundling rule so that all implementations must comply with WS-I BP, and puts all payloads except one, in attachments.

At best, the possibility of several Body children elements should be just an option (yet a "not recommended" one), that should not be required to be supported in the conformance clause - and can be controlled / agreed on via PMode.




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