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Subject: Large file transmission using AS2 restart


There is a requirement of some potential users of ebMS 3.0
to be able to exchange large files (Gigabytes and larger).
There is a specification for AS2 that offers a "restart"

We can borrow this feature for ebMS, and add a mini-section
to chapter 4 that references the AS2 feature. Since we just
reference the IETF RFC, this feature adds just a few lines
of text to the spec. Many multi-protocol B2B products
support this for AS2 already.  It would be minimal effort
for them to enable this for ebMS.  For ebMS users, it adds a
useful capability.  

As we did for pipelining, we could add a Pmode parameter to
indicate whether the ebMS MSH supports it or not.  If
"True", clients in HTTP client mode can add the HTTP ETAG
with ebMS messages sent and can use the HTTP HEAD command to
obtain the status of the transfer, as described in the RFC.
If "False", they should not do this. We've added Pipelining
to MEPBinding, and could do the same with "Restart":

PMode.MEPbinding.Restart  {True/False}

Or we could make it a parameter in PMode.Protocol

What do people think?   


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