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Subject: Correction on smtp restart -it was defined !!

Not known whether this is widely/routinely used though
Network Working Group                                         D. Crocker
Request For Comments: 1845                        Brandenburg Consulting
Category: Experimental                                          N. Freed
                                            Innosoft International, Inc.
                                                   A. Cargille, WG Chair
                                                          September 1995
                         SMTP Service Extension
                         for Checkpoint/Restart
Status of this Memo
   This memo defines an Experimental Protocol for the Internet
   community.  This memo does not specify an Internet standard of any
   kind.  Discussion and suggestions for improvement are requested.
   Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


ESMTP (“EHLO” instead of HELO) has a CHECKPOINT command, and ESMTP is widely implemented.

Haven’t searched for situation in POP or IMAP

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