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Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg] Groups - ebXML Messaging TC weekly call added

In response to questions (1):  

The WS-Security 1.1 SOAP with attachments profile and the
WS-I Basic Security Profile 1.1 support an Attachment
Complete Signature MIME Part Reference Transform, which
signs the MIME part content as well as the
Content-Description, Content-Disposition, Content-ID,
Content-Location and Content-Type MIME part headers.  All of
this is possible, and is only possible, if the basic MIME
envelope structure is determined, including all relevant
MIME parts and headers, at a higher level than WS-Security.
This is all that is needed for the split/join module to be
able to process the message as described in the draft spec. 

After the large message MIME envelope is split, a series of
new MIME envelope structures is created, with different MIME
part separators and a new pre-pended SOAP root part. Those
structures can flow through the lower SOAP processing chain
modules as separate MIME envelopes.  Processing at those
layers may affect MIME parts (e.g. encrypting them) and SOAP
headers (adding headers).  At the receiving end, those
operations are reversed (MIME parts decrypted, SOAP headers
removed), the join reconstitutes the larger MIME envelope,
parses it, and the MSH proceeds to higer-level (e.g. ebMS)
processing as if the large message had been received as a
single message.


-----Original Message-----
From: Sander Fieten [mailto:sander@fieten-it.com] 
Sent: 25 May 2010 16:59
To: ebxml-msg@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Groups - ebXML Messaging TC weekly
call added

I think there're now two open questions from our last

1) Should the splitting/joining feature be part of the spec
itself or in a separate document?
I've no opinion on whether to include this or not. As I also
made a remark on one of the calls I think the layer in the
stack is not completely logical to me. This is caused by the
fact that the input for splitting is the MIME multi part
message, but without the security and RM. I expect that the
MIME multi part is normally created in the lowest layer
(transport). So after applying security and RM. Implying
that splitting would come after security and RM. 
Using splitting requires constructing the MIME multi part
before applying security and RM, so "circumventing" the
security and RM layer. Then the message is split and
processed by security, RM and transport (where a new MIME
multi part may be constructed).

2) Do we want to include the "recovery feature" using
selective pulling?
If I interpreted the Core spec right there's already a
possibility for recovering. In section 8.3.3 (about Two-way
Sync) there's a reference to section 8.3.2 (One-way Pull) on
the dependencies/requirements. In this section it is stated:
"In addition, if the MEP request is also under At-Most-Once
reliability contract, and if it has been delivered and
responded to by the Responder RMP, then if a duplicate of
the MEP request is received later, a duplicate of the same
response that has been returned for the initial request MUST
be returned for the duplicate request."
This seems to apply that by resending the original request
you can recover from the failed response.

Another question is when we want to finish part 2?


On 25-05-10 14:00, "ian.c.jones@bt.com" <ian.c.jones@bt.com>

> Team,
>     reminder Pim has posted updates to the V3 spec.
> Ian

 -- Ian Jones

ebXML Messaging TC weekly call  has been added by Ian
> Jones

Date:  Wednesday, 26 May 2010
Time:  11:30am - 01:00pm PT

> Description:
ebXML Messaging TC weekly call
> Tel: +1-218-486-8700
> Pass code 120905

1. Role
> 2. Review of this weeks updates
> Restart (AS2)
> Pulling specific document
> 3. AS4 - Updates
> 4. A.O.B


View event
> details:
> t_id=27720

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