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Subject: Agenda / Goals for webinar


      These are my thoughts form our discussions about the agenda/goals for the webinar, please add comments detail or anything else you think of.
Who is target ?  Standards specialist, OASIS TCs, opinion formers; Secondary informed users.
Agenda / running order

1. Intro deployed core spec functionality – problems solved/address
2. AS4 profile – next generation AS2 – moving AS2 problems into Web Service and use with smaller partners (SMEs)– Intermittent connectivity
3. Pull mode – what problems this addresses not permanent connectivity/fire wall issues
4. Intermediaries and multi-hop processing.  What problems this solves and flexible topology/routing etc.
5. Bundling – what problems it solves, why relevant
6. Split / Join – what problems it solves, why relevant
7. How these can be combined to solve in more complex problems
8. Implementation slide - based on WS* and re-use or exiting technologies
9. Q&A

 Target at 35 - 40 mins (45max) to allow for a late start and Q&A - I guess something in the 20 slides total depending on quantity of graphic/text on each.  I suggest we tim lmit each section to get a feel for the detil of each section - as a first guess I think 1 is about 10mins.


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