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Subject: Presentation for webinar - review cycle issue

The ebXML Messaging Services TC is preparing for a webinar to explain and publicise our new specification for ebXML Messaging with goals to inform a wider audience and to attract more implementations to enable us to move toward an OASIS standard for our specifications. However, the new TC process appears to be a problem if we have to formally publish the slide pack for a full review cycle as they will be seen out of context and difficult for people who have not been part of the development process unless we supply detailed notes for each slide that again will lengthen the cycle as we had wanted to do this before the holiday season. We were originally planning to run them at the end of October but received some comments about our specification at the last minute which we have addressed and are re-issuing the specification for a short review cycle. We wish to present this as the view and output of the TC and not the individuals as this has been a collective effort and we are promoting the specification not the capabilities of any organisation and believe that this apparent requirement to submit for full public review a barrier and delay to us. If we have misunderstood the letter or intent of the revised TC process please help us, we believe that this overhead will make straightforward webinar or simple events impractical as all TC presentations will require many weeks of review cycle. It will also limit TC ability to respond to ad hoc requests for organisations in a short timesacle.

Ian Jones
Chair OASIS ebXML Messaging Services TC
Email: ian.c.jones@bt.com

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