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Subject: New drafts for AS4

Jacques and I worked on cleaning up the AS4 draft for the 2nd PR over the past few days. 

ODT source:
PDF export:
ODT source with diffs to the CS
Those of you with AS4 implementations and/or WS-Security expertise, please have a look at the examples (one new) in section A.
This draft does not take into account some potential enhancements:
1) There has also been some discussion about splitting the Client Conformance Clause in two separate clauses, 
-  one requiring full WS-Security support (X.509 and UserName token)
-  and the other only requiring the UserName token (relying on SSL/TLS to protect the message)
Advantage:  even easier to implement and no PKI requirements  
Downside:   another conformance clause is confusing.
2) A conformance clause that requires support for AS2 and AS4,  like the "Gateway V2/V3" profiles require support for ebMS 2.0 and 3.0.
Advantage:  may increase acceptance of and confidence in AS4 in communities that are currently AS2 users.
Downside:   another conformance clause is confusing.
If the TC decides in favor of these changes, they can easily be added to the spec.

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