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Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg] Implementing Compression in AS4

Hello Theo,

1.  There are situations where the MIME type of a payload
can be inferred,  say, from the values for Service/Action.
For example, S1/A1 type messages always contain one payload
and it's an XML document, S2/A2 type messages always have
two payloads, the first of which is a PDF document and the
second a JPEG image, etc. The MSH can just pass the metadata
and pointers to payloads to the application.  For
decompressed payloads that do not have the MIME type
specificied as an attribute,  the MIME type is effectively
unknown, but the business application may still know how to
process the payload content. 

2.  Why would you want that?  Base64 encoding increases the
message size, which the compression feature is intended to
reduce.  AS4 is layered over HTTP, and HTTP allows binary
attachments such as GZIP data.   My assumption is that
compressed payloads, even XML payloads, should always go as
separate MIME parts, not in the SOAP body (where Base64
encoding would be required).  That assumption seems
imexplicit in the AS4 specification. 

3.  We should probably change this to something like:
<eb:Property name="Compressed">true</eb:Property>
Unfortunately that means a specification change.


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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Implementing Compression in AS4

Hi All

We have noted the following in our implementation of
compression in AS4.

1	The eb:Property[@name='MimeType'] attribute should
be mandatory instead of recommended as adding the content
back to the soap element requires a content type header
value, can't really guess this...

2	The compressed payload in the SWA should be Base64
encoded for Mime compatibility, this should be mentioned in
the spec.

3	There is an XML parsing failure when specifying the
eb:Property[@name='Compressed'] element as the schema
requires a value for the eb:Property element as it is of
type 'non-empty-string'.


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