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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] eb:RefToMessageId in one-way pull request responses

Hi Theo,

in One-Way MEPs, both Push and Pull, the eb:RefToMessageId is not relevant as the exchanged UserMessage is unrelated to earlier messages. If the UserMessage relates to an earlier message the MEP becomes a Two-Way MEP where the response must use the eb:RefToMessageId to indicate to which request it is the response to. So in a Two-Way/Push-and-Pull MEP the pulled message will contain a eb:RefToMessageId to the earlier pushed message.

If the exchanged business documents also contain information about the request-response sequence then ebMS One-Way MEPs can be used to exchange the documents without loosing the request-response relation [on the level of the business apps]. 


On 19 Dec 2011, at 09:11, Theo Kramer wrote:

The core spec, ebms-core-3.0-spec, shows clear examples of pull request responses containing an eb:RefToMessageId. However, in section 2.2.6 'The One-way/Pull MEP' states the following

'To conform to this MEP the pulled User Message unit MUST NOT include an eb:RefToMessageId element.'

In AS4 the support for MEP is one-way, with support for two-way MEPs being somewhat ambiguous.
Is eb:RefToMessageId relevant in the case of one-way MEPs ie. a one-way response need not be based on any previous business message ?

In the case of signed queued messages (awaiting a pull request) eb:RefToMessageId cannot be used as it will break the previous signature.

Our take on this is that 2.2.6 is correct for one-way MEPs.

Further thoughts/comments/clarification on this appreciated.


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