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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Agenda for TC meeting on 25th July

Hi Theo

AFAIK, the primary contact to OASIS needs to endorse the statement of use.
In my case I checked with Chet and he was ok with me forwarding the
statement of use on behalf of my contact.


On 7/24/12 9:42 PM, "Theo Kramer" <theo@flame.co.za> wrote:

>Seems we may have to also do endorsements for the statements of use as
>I, as Companies's OASIS Primary Representative, endorse this Statement of
>Use from Company.
>Got this from the amqp list ...
>On 23 Jul 2012, at 9:19 PM, Makesh Rao (marao) wrote:
>> Hi
>> Now that we have 4 AS4 statement of use, I propose that we pass that
>>resolution for special majority vote in our TC meeting on 25th July so
>>that we can submit the CS to be a candidate OASIS standard.
>> Thanks
>> Makesh
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