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Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg] What's the best practice to report an business level error with AS4?

Hello Rong,
The ebBP signal messages can be used with ebMS3 as they can be used with ebMS2.  The difference with the ebMS3/AS4 receipt signals are that those are generated by the MSH and are SignalMessage elements in the eb:Messaging container.  The ebBP signals,  if they are generated by some application or middleware to express positive or negative acceptance or an application level receipt,  would be carried as payloads for UserMessage elements as they would be submitted to the responding MSH, rather than generated in it.  They would have the same Service but a different Action in the message header.  
E.g. if there is a service "Ordering" with an action "PlaceOrder",  an acceptance response signal could have actions "AcceptOrderPlacement" or "RejectOrderPlacement" and a value for RefToMessageId set to the accepted user message.  If the order is positively accepted and an OrderResponse document is generated (from an XML business document/vocabulary standard like UBL or GS1), that document could be returned in a second response message.   Alternatively, a common practice is to only use negative acceptance for generic failures like schema validation (or even non-wellformedness) and use the business response from the business document standard to include the other acceptance cases. This way there is only one response,  either the generic negative acceptance (e.g. from ebBP) or a business transaction specific business response to express other negative, positive or partial acceptance.

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Sent: 05 March 2013 20:49
To: Makesh Rao; ebxml-msg@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ebxml-msg] What's the best practice to report an business level error with AS4?

Hi Makesh and all,


I understand that in ebMS3/AS4 the validation of business document payload is irrelevant as it's said in AS4 spec: The semantics for sending back an eb:Receipt message is as follows: a wellformed ebMS user message has been received and the MSH is taking responsibility for its processing (additional application-level delivery semantics, and payload validation semantics are not relevant). However one of our prospects asked us the question: if we detect the error in the payload (validation error, etc) and want to send back an error message to the sender, what's the messaging vehicle we should use to carry the error? I guess this is a typical question that a future ebMS3/AS4 adopters will ask, especially when they are already used to the ebMS2 messaging choreography.


In ebMS2 an ebBP receipt can be sent back asynchronously to report the success/failure of the business document validation. So I would like to know how it is considered to integrate ebMS3/AS4 with ebBP (as I know the current version is 2.0.4, which was announced in 2006, before ebMS3.0 was finalized)? Or what's the best practice regarding to this matter?




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