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Subject: ebXML submissions to ISO TC 154 (draft for comment)

Dear TC members:

Based on the input from your TCs and the assumptions noted below, we
expect shortly to send the current final OASIS ebXML specs listed
below to ISO TC154 for ISO approval:

AS4 Profile of ebMS 3.0 v1.0
ebXML Business Process Specification Schema Technical Specification v2.0.4
ebXML Messaging Services v3.0: Part 1, Core Features
ebXML RegRep v4.0

Note this assumes, as we have been informed is the case, that:
-- The ebXML Core, MS and RegRep TCs did complete their formal action
to approve the submission.
-- The documents will be transmitted in their OASIS Standard format
and will be acceptable to ISO in format.
-- TC Admin has been satisfied that the interoperability demo
requirement for those specs has been met by prior activity.

Please advise us of any comments or corrections, as we otherwise plan
to transmit the package to ISO TC 154 shortly, upon confirmation of
the foregoing.

Thanks for your attention.
Cordially, Jamie Clark


OASIS Liaison Statement to ISO TC 154
OASIS ebXML specifications, updating ISO TS 15000.

March __, 2013

OASIS respectfully submits the following four attached versions of the
Electronic Business XML (ebXML) specifications, each of which has been
approved by its authoring OASIS committee for submission for approval
as an ISO Standard:

1.  ebXML RegRep v4.0 (2012)
OASIS approval:  https://www.oasis-open.org/standards#ebxmlregrepv4.0
Updates: ISO/TS 15000-3:2004 ("ebRIM") and ISO/TS 15000-4:2004 ("ebRS").
The new version 4 consolidates and replaces both the ebRIM and ebRS
We recommend this new specification be numbered as 15000-4:2013 if approved.

2.  ebXML Messaging Services v3.0 ("ebMS 3.0"), Core Features (2007)
OASIS approval:  https://www.oasis-open.org/standards#ebxmlmsgv3
Updates:  ISO/TS 15000-2:2004 ("ebMS 2.0").
We recommend this specification be numbered as 15000-2:2013 if approved.
We note that additional work on Part 2 of ebMS v3.0 may be ready for
submission in the future.

3.  AS4 Profile v1.0 of ebMS 3.0 v1.0 (2013)
OASIS approval: https://www.oasis-open.org/standards#as4profilev1.0
New profile related to ISO/TS 15000-2:2004.
We recommend this specification be numbered as 15000-3:2013 (or
15000-7 if the re-use of the number from vacated part 3 is
inappropriate), if approved.

4.  ebXML Business Process Specification Schema Technical
Specification v2.0.4 (2006)
OASIS approval: https://www.oasis-open.org/standards#ebxmlbpv2.0.4
New specification from the original ebXML v1.0 stack, not previously
submitted to ISO.
We recommend this specification be numbered as 15000-6:2013, using the
part number originally reserved for it, if approved.
Also attached is a copy of our current IPR declaration information
with respect to each of the foregoing.

Please note that Part 1 of the ebXML standards, 15000-1 (Collaborative
Partner Profile Agreement) has not been revised, and continues in
production use in the form approved as  TS 15000-1:2004.
Please note that Part 5 of the ebXML standards, 15000-5 (Core
Components) , is maintained by UN/CEFACT.
OASIS respectfully suggests that the four new submissions, and
existing TS 15000-1:2004, are stable final versions that should
qualify for approval as International Standards.

Thank you for your consideration.  OASIS values and appreciates its
long-time constructive collaboration with ISO, on this and a number of
other open standards promoting interoperability and the global
information society.  Information about OASIS generally can be found
at http://www.oasis-open.org.

Respectfully submitted,
James Bryce Clark for OASIS

(draft ends)

James Bryce Clark, General Counsel
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

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