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Subject: Response from TC admin on errata


I checked with Chet on the best way to handle the citations in our spec. His recommendation was to remove the hyperlink and make them just text. In case we decide to create a page for these, we will need to talk to them and come up with a solution since they don't prefer creating webpages off of committee webpages.

On the errata front:
Errata are only done for OASIS Standards. If one is still in rounds of CSDs, then one can treat these as Non-Material Changes. That is, making these changes need not trigger another round of public review. That process is explained here -> https://www.oasis-open.org/resources/tcadmin/approving-a-committee-specification-or-note-draft-with-non-material-changes

We need to request an errata template from TC Admin. Apparently the requirements are minimal: we must publish a list of the errata changes and we *may* publish a copy of the OS with Errata applied. Errata can be cumulative but can only be published once every 6 months. They do have to go through a 15 day public review but do not need to undergo membership ballot for approval. The TC simply approves them as Approved Errata after the public review and then TC Admin takes care of publishing them. 


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