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Hi All,

            Received the following from one of my colleagues in the Australian Government. I am assuming that dual signing is neither desirable nor intended. Is this something we can discuss and clarify?


Regards, Ian.

Ian Otto
Security Architect
VANguard and Infrastructure Branch
eBusiness Division

Department of Industry, Innovation,
Science, Research and Tertiary Education

SAP House, Level 8.49, Bunda Street, Canberra City ACT 2600
GPO Box 9839, Canberra ACT 2601
Ph: +61-2-6276 1660 Fax: +61-2-6213 6684
Mobile: +61 403 458 215
Internet: http://www.innovation.gov.au
ABN 74 599 608 295






From: Jones, Dean (Security Architect) [mailto:Dean.Jones@ato.gov.au]
Sent: Wednesday, 29 May 2013 5:45 PM
To: Young, Malcolm; Otto, Ian


Hi Malcolm, Ian,

There are currently some discussions going on here about the EBMS standard. I was pulled in to give my opinion about the following extract from the standard and how it affects us using SAML with EBMS.

Without looking deeply into the context my answer was that SAML could not be used as the sole mechanism for message integrity. If SAML signing were used (and we didn't want to break the standard) then we would have a dual signed EBMS message.

Do you have a different view?


2328 7.2. Signing Messages
2329 Signing of ebMS Messages is defined in Web Services Security [WSS10] and [WSS11]. Support for 2330 WSS X.509 Certificate Token Profile is REQUIRED to sign a message.




Dean Jones
Security Architect

Middleware and Common Services /
Integrated Common Services
Ph: 621 64369
Mobile: 0407 452 388


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