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Subject: Signing SOAP with Attachments Messages Transform Confusion

There seems to be some confusion in the AS4 profile regarding the transforms used in signing SWA messages

Section 5.1.5 of the AS4 profile reads as follows

  Specification Reference: ebMS v3.0 Core Specification, Section 7.3

  Profiling Rule (a): AS4 MSH implementations are REQUIRED to use the Attachment-Content-Only transform when building application payloads using SOAP with Attachments [SOAPATTACH]. The Attachment-Complete transform is not supported by this profile.

And section 7.3 of the core spec reads as follows

  Application payloads that are are built in conformance with the [SOAPATTACH] specification may be signed. To sign a SOAP with Attachment message the Security element must be built in   accordance with WSS 1.1. It is REQUIRED that compliant MSH implementations support the Attachment-Content-Only transform. It is RECOMMENDED that compliant MSH implementations   support the Attachment-Complete transform. To ensure the integrity of the user-specified payload data and ebMS headers it is RECOMMENDED that the entire eb:Messaging Container Element,   and all MIME Body parts of included payloads are included in the signature.

Yet section 5.1.8 of the AS4 Profile reads as follows

  When signed receipts are requested in AS4 that make use of default conventions, the Sending message handler (i.e. the MSH sending messages for which signed receipts are expected)   MUST identify message parts (referenced in eb:PartInfo elements in the received User Message) and MUST sign the SOAP body and all attachments using the   http://docs.oasis-open.org/wss/oasis-wss-SwAProfile-1.1#Attachment-Content-Signature-Transform.

and section 5.3.1 of the wss-v1.1 spec refers to the attachment-content-signature and attachment-complete-signature transforms only  

Further thoughts and clarification on the right canonicalisation transforms (and final URIs for these) would be most welcome


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