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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Error to use when P-Mode not found

Perhaps an idea to revisit all ebms errors with the experience gained over the past couple of years with AS4

On 18 Nov 2014, at 23:10 , Sander Fieten <sander@fieten-it.com> wrote:

> All,
> I have some questions I would like to discuss with you about the Error that should be returned if an MSH can not determine which P-Mode should handle a received message.  
> 	• Do we want to specify a specific Error for this situation?
> 	• If so, which Error should be used?  
> Section 6.7.1 of the Core Spec lists the standard ebMS processing errors. Based on the short descriptions it seems logical that EBMS:0010 - ProcessingModeMismatch is the correct Error to return. However the description of the semantics - "the  header expected by the MSH is not compatible with the expected content, based on the associated P-Mode." - is a bit unclear because of the incompatibility between expectations and that it talks about an associated P-Mode. Especially the latter seems to suggest that a P-Mode is found for the message. Another option could be Error EBMS:0001 - ValueNotRecognized as the MSH is unable to find the P-Mode based on the received information.
> Regards
> Sander


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