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Subject: Fwd: [ebcore] Groups - CPPA 3, 2015 edition, draft version 0.1 uploaded

Dear all,

The last unfinished part of the OASIS ebXML specifications is the CPPA specification.    The last version that made it to OASIS Standard is still the version 2.0 of 2002, which became part of ISO 15000 in 2004.  The ebXML CPPA TC continued work for several years and even produced a substantial draft version 3.0 some years ago,  which was submitted to the ebCore TC when the CPPA TC closed.   That draft had many improvements, innovations and enhancements. One part of this draft was later extracted into a standalone document, the ebCore Party ID Type specification, which was standardized and became an OASIS Committee Specification in 2010, and is widely used with ebMS2 since 2007 and now also with ebMS3 in Asia, Australia among other places, and in Europe. 

Unfortunately, apart from ebCore Party ID Type,  the CPPA v3 specification was unfinished as there were few individuals working on it,  and those individuals were also working on other specifications such as ebMS3 and AS4.  The work on those other specifications took a lot of resources and for most of us had a higher priority, as one main goal of CPPA3 was to enable configuration of ebMS3 and AS4-based B2B communication, so successful adoption of ebMS3 and AS4 was part of the business case for CPPA3.   Today, AS4 is taking off, with (to my personal knowledge) at least 18 software companies providing, or planning to provide, AS4 implementations, not counting several open source initiatives. There are major end user communities adopting AS4 internationally, and millions of productions ebMS3 messages have been exchanged to date.  There still is no standardized, product-independent configuration for AS4, it is  time we provide one and IMHO the CPPA work is the best starting point.  Furthermore, CPPA can help configure other protocols, including legacy protocols.

The ZIP file uploaded to the ebCore repository (see below) contains an updated CPPA3 schema with embedded documentation.  Using a commercial tool,  I generated documentation in a very user-friendly HTML format in the "documentation"  directory.    This tooling makes it very easy to develop an XSD and its documentation in parallel.  One other TC has adopted this approach, which is approved by OASIS TC-Admin (I checked with them), as long as we also provide, at some later stage, a (minimal) OASIS specification with the usual front and back matter, bibliography etc.  

The draft CPPA3 uploaded below currently supports the following functionality:
-   Configuration of ebMS2 as in CPPA2. 
-   Several enhancements and improvements for ebMS2,  incorporating lessons learned in a decade of use of ebMS2 and CPPA2.
-   Simplification and flattening of structures.  CPPA2 could handle exotic complex structures but the common easy structures could be quite complex.
-   Support reuse of structures.  Abstract concepts such as ebMS3 PModes are very redundant as they don't take into account reuse of values.
-   Configuration of most of ebMS3 Core and setting almost all PMode Parameters defined in the Core Specifications (see documentation). The few exceptions are some parameters only needed for Web Services Reliable Messaging and Web Services Reliability, use of which has not taken off and which are not used  in AS4. CPPA3 has extensibility mechanisms so someone can extend it to support these specifications but for now they are not covered in the draft as the business case does not seem to be there.
-   Full configuration of AS4.
-   Full configuration of EDIINT: AS1,  AS2 and AS3.   This was a requirement for communities that use e.g. AS2 today and want to add support for AS4. CPPA3 provides this.
-   Configuration of basic Web Services, including WS-Security, with extensibility options.
-   Extensibility framework,  allowing new protocols,  new package etc. to be added later in an easy way.
-   Support for a simplified,  template-based "named protocol" (or named profile) option.  This is common practice in many ebXML applications,  but also elsewhere. The documentation shows how this can be supported.
-   Support for automated CPA formation from CPPs.  In v2, there were practical complications or underspecified situations. For v3,  we want to avoid this and only finalize the spec and schema when we have defined and implemented a fully automated formation process.   In parall to defining and documenting the schema,  I am working on a new implementation of automated CPA3 formation from CPP3 documents, to be open source.  This implementation can be published via OASIS (ongoing discussions on supporting software deliverables) or otherwise. 

To do (incomplete list):
-   Complete the embedded documentation and derived HTML representation.
-   Functionality for ebMS3 Part 2.
-   Functionality for ebMS3 SAML Profile.
-   Complete CPA formation implementation.
-   Provide non-schema specifications.
-   Review by TC and generally.

The next steps can be discussed in upcoming ebMS and/or ebCore meeting.

Kind Regards,


-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: [ebcore] Groups - CPPA 3, 2015 edition, draft version 0.1 uploaded
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2015 13:46:11 -0800 (PST)
From: Pim van der Eijk <pvde@sonnenglanz.net>
To: ebcore@lists.oasis-open.org

Document Name: CPPA 3, 2015 edition, draft version 0.1

First upload of a new draft CPPA 3 specification and schema.
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link

Submitter: Mr. Pim van der Eijk
Group: OASIS ebXML Core (ebCore) TC
Folder: Contributions
Date submitted: 2015-03-02 13:45:54

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