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Subject: Referencing XML payload in SOAP Body


The example in AS4:

Has a reference to the XML payload in the SOAP Body by referencing its wsu:Id


                    <eb:PartInfo href=""/>


<S12:Body wsu:Id="_f8aa8b55-b31c-4364-94d0-3615ca65aa40">

        <CrossIndustryInvoice xmlns="urn:un:unece:uncefact:data:standard:CrossIndustryInvoice:2">

            <!-- content omitted -->


An implementer asks if that attribute should not be on the business document (CrossIndustryInvoice) instead,

Now in many cases the schema does not have such an ID,  and anyway we don't want the MSH to change the XML payload.

Do we agree that a Payload reference to an ID the SOAP Body is to be interpreted as referencing the payload in the Body, rather than the sub-node, as the example suggests?

(I am aware that the "href" can be omitted and then it implicitly references the payload in the body,  but this is about situations where there is an explicit reference).

There is a similar issue https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/EBXMLMSG-39 but it is about signing.

Kind Regards,


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