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Subject: Draft meeting minutes for July 8th meeting


Makesh Rao (chair)
Sander Fieten (chair)
Theo Kramer
Jacques Durand
Toon Vanhoutte

Introduction of new member
Approval of previous minutes
HTTP Restart

Introduction of new member 
Toon introduces himself. He works as an integration architect at Codit, a integrator company focussing on Microsoft. Since 2014 he is involved in a project from the European Commission that uses AS4. He wants to follow closely and help develop AS4 and ebMS further.

Approval of previous minutes
Approval the meeting minutes of the May 13th are unanimously approved. 

HTTP Restart proposal
Sander has sent a proposal to the maling list for using a so-called HTTP restart function to reliable exchange large message. It extends the AS2 restart already defined in part 2 to the pull request. Its advantage is that it leaves the ebMS processing untouched.

Theo notes that in recent testing they were already able to process message up to 1GB. Above that there were challenges to the availability of resources to process the large message. So Theo questions whether AS4 should be used for such large messages regardless of the function (http restart, split and join, external upload) used to transfer it.
Makesh confirms that resource availability can be a challenge for large message (more than 2GB). He also sees more requests for exchange of large messages.
Toon notes that it does not only help transferring large message but can also help to make exchanges of medium large message more effective.

It is agreed to proceed the proposal to a working draft. Members will also look into what the implications would be to implement this.

Issue #84 (Namespace prefix missing in examples) is resolved, it is just a textual error.

Issue #83 (How to reference payload in SOAP Body) is discussed. Jacques confirms that the text in the Core Spec that the absence of the PartInfo:href attribute reference the SOAP:Body element is incorrect and should be a reference to the first child element of the SOAP:Body element. Then there is no need to use the id of the SOAP:Body element to indicate that the payload is the child element. It is agreed that they href attribute should reference the element itself or no reference should be used at all. 

Issue #82 (Incorrect notation of P-Mode parameter PMode[1].Security.X509.SignatureCertificate) is resolved, it is just a textual error.

Issue #81 (Only error code for Reception Awareness mentioned) is resolved, it is just a textual error.

Issue #80 (Missing P-Mode parameter for Username Token targeted to “ebms”) is resolved, proposal to add these parameters is accepted.

Toon asks how he can get [write] access to the issue tracker. Sander responds this needs to be requested with TC Admin. He will send a email to get it done.

Theo mentioned some TC member are involved in e-Sens testing. Sander adds that the e-Sens AS4 profile is available at: http://wiki.ds.unipi.gr/display/ESENS/PR+-+AS4 

Next meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for August 12th. 

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