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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Draft meeting minutes of February 10th meeting

I would like to propose that we abandon the monthly meetings and instead, by default, communicate via the mailing list and Jira.  I checked with TC Admin in the past if this is possible under the TC process and it turns out that this is possible.     If for some reason we still want to have an occasional meeting, that remains possible.   Formal decisions can be made via ballots.


Due to the geography of our membership, there is no meeting time that works well for all of us.  For some of us the meetings tend to be well after normal working hours,  which is suboptimal for concentration (not to mention work/life balance etc.).  Also, in past meetings there tends to always be some person not present who we need for proper discussion or decision, or who is present but hasn't had time to prepare. As a result our meetings have not been as productive as we wanted for some time.

Nowadays we are mostly discussing JIRA items,  this we can do as well (in my opinion better) asynchronously via JIRA comments.   If we decide, for each period (e.g. two weeks or a  month), which items we want to close,  those with opinions should be able to provide their input. The chair(s) can propose which items to address,  and if someone has an urgent interest in a particular topic for whatever reason,  we can take those first.

On 01-03-16 13:23, Sander Fieten wrote:
please find below the draft meeting minutes of our meeting on February 10th. As we have Vamsi and Rita from Cisco as members of the TC we can use the Webex as usual. For the next meeting we also use the regular meeting time. Let’s discuss during the meeting whether we want to change the time. 

As noted in the minutes you are encouraged to nominate members as co-chair!




Makesh Rao (chair)
Sander Fieten (chair)
Toon Vanhoutte
Pim van der Eijk
Erlend Klakegg Bergheim

Meeting tool and time
Next meeting

As already announced earlier this is Makesh last meeting as member and co-chair of the TC. Sander thanks him for his work in and outside of the ebMS TC. The member decide that Sander will ask on the maillist whether members want to elect a new co-chair and to nominate candidates.

Meeting tool and time
The monthly TC meeting are hosted by Cisco using their Webex platform. Now that Makesh leaves the TC it is not possible to use the Cisco sponsored Webex for the meeting. The TC therefore next to look for a new meeting tool. It is decided that Sander will post a message to the TC list to ask members on options they may have. It is preferred that the meeting tool allows for dial-in connections as internet access may not always be available to TC members.

UPDATE: After the meeting new members from Cisco joined the TC, so for the next call we can still use the Webex.

Next meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for March 9th, currently at 21:00 CET. 

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