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Subject: Information session on the AS4 profile of the CEF eDelivery building block

Dear all,

The European Commission has asked me to forward the information in the email below to you. For more information please contact the organizers at the CEF-BUILDING-BLOCKS@ec.europa.eu email address.

Kind Regards,



The European Commission aims to develop the European Digital Single
Market to foster economic growth by removing barriers that impede data
from flowing across borders and sectors. The Large Scale Pilot (LSP),
e-SENS<http://www.esens.eu/> and the Connecting Europe Facility
which operationalises services developed in the LSPs, have been working
closely on the implementation of secure message exchange in several
policy domains of the Union, commonly known as eDelivery. To make this a
reality, a profile of the AS4 message exchange specification was
developed and is now being promoted for adoption by software vendors
under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

Please click
to know more about the eDelivery building block of the Connecting Europe
Facility and please click
here<http://wiki.ds.unipi.gr/display/ESENS/PR+-+AS4> to know more about
the AS4 profile developed by the e-SENS Large Scale Pilot.

Further to the launch of the CEF Digital Single Web
and the finalisation of the 2016 CEF work plans, the European Commission
is holding a half day information session on Thursday 26 May for
software vendors, system integrators, implementers and training
providers interested in AS4 with the following objectives:
1. Launch CEF eDelivery's conformance testing services of the AS4
profile created by the e-SENS Large Scale Pilot.
2. Explain the process for participants interested in implementing the
AS4 profile to: a. participate in and complete conformance testing; and
b. describe their conformance tested products for inclusion in the CEF
Digital Single Web

3. Provide an overview of the financial support available to
participants to support their development of software compliant with the
aforementioned AS4 profile in different policy areas of the European Union.

Please confirm your interest in participating in this information
session by replying to this mail as places are limited. We would
appreciate if you could disseminate this information to relevant
audiences. We will shortly publish the notice of on the CEF DIGITAL
website, social media and several relevant eGovernment websites.

Please do not hesitate to contact the CEF Stakeholder Management
with any queries in advance of this meeting.

Best regards,
Michael Scanlon
CEF Stakeholder Management Office
European Commission
Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT) Information Systems for
policy support and activity management
B-1049 Brussels/Belgium
GSM: + 32 473 70 13 93

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