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Subject: Proposal to re-start issue handling

Dear all,

In March 2016 we agreed to to use the OASIS JIRA to handle the issues with our ebMS3 Part 1, 2 and AS4 profile specifications, instead of having TC teleconferences. Since then, we have only added more issues but have not resolved any. There are now 7 "open" issues and 49 "new" issues. AS4 is getting more traction in the market and more vendors are implementing it, and some of the same questions keep coming up with each new vendor that implements AS4 or needs to test its product with a different vendors. I think re-starting our issue handling process is long overdue.

Since there are quite a few issues, not all of which are as important or urgent as others, and since we all have limited time, I would like to make the following proposal:

1)   we try to fix a few issues each month.
2) any TC member can propose one or two issues (s)he wants to resolve on the TC mailing list.
3)   TC members comment on the JIRA in the following weeks
4)   we aim to close each proposed issue within a month

Since we are a small team, we would be closing a few issues each month, most urgent ones first, and with a minimal workload we could finish the work in one year.

Would this work?  It's just a proposal,  any better idea welcome.

Since I'm currently working on supporting an implementation of Pull, for me this month's issues of interest are EBXMLMSG-97 and EBXMLMSG-98.

Kind Regards,


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