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Subject: Fwd: çå: OASIS re-submission of ebXML MSG v3 to ISO TC154 (as ISO 15000-2)

To: members of the OASIS ebXML TCs

Please be advised that we have re-submitted the ebXML specifications to ISO at your request as described below, subject to further format editing which now is in progress.
Your committees and OASIS approved the submission of the 3rd major versions of your ebXML specifications to ISO TC 154, in 2013-2014. We transmitted them to ISO, with the active help of then-TC-154 chair Klaus-Dieter Naujok and the ISO Central Secretariat staff. However, in 2017 after several consultations, they asked us to re-format the existing submissions to more closely follow certain ISO template rules that apply more forcefully to submissions of revised versions after initial submissions. (As you know, four of the "version 2" ebXML specs originally were submitted and approved in 2004, as ISO 15000-1 through -4.)

In consultation with Pim van der Eijk and your TC chairs, our TC Administration staff arranged for the reformatting of the existing material, without changing any of its technical content, and advised TC 154 and ISO CS of our plans to resubmit. That process is under way now. Attached below is our first draft reformatting of the ebXML MSG v3.0 Core specification, completed by editors engaged by our Standards Director Chet Ensign, together with the editorial responses from ISO, which will guide our further preparation of the final resubmissions.ÂÂ

We will continue to share copies of the staff-reformatted documents to these TC lists, and advise you of our progress, although obviously OASIS will make no changes to the technical content of the approved OASIS standards. Feedback is welcome.Â

Kind regards
Jamie Clark

James Bryce Clark, General Counsel
OASIS: Advancing open data and ICT development for the information societyÂ

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From: Jamie Clark <jamie.clark@oasis-open.org>
Date: Wed, Sep 19, 2018
Subject: Re: çå: OASIS re-submission of ebXML MSG v3 to ISO TC154 (as ISO 15000-2)
To: zhangjf
Cc: STANTON Brian, èæ Judy Zhu, Laura Mathew, Yvonne Chen, Henry Cuschieri, Chet Ensign

Thank you.ÂÂ
Brian, your assistance always is practical and appreciated. Thank you very much for giving this a helpful quick look, in your current capacity. We will do as you say.
Jianfang, we will participate in the plenary, and we will send another liaison statement, asking the TC to open a work item for all five related submissions.
Kind regardsÂÂ JBCÂ

James Bryce Clark, General Counsel
OASIS: Advancing open data and ICT development for the information societyÂ

On Wed, Sep 19, 2018, zhangjf wrote:

Dear Brian and Jamie,


@Brian, Thanks for your comments on ISO 15000-2, and thank you very much for your support to ISO/TC 154.


@jamie, Thanks for your re-submission of ebXML MSG V3 as ISO 15000-2, and I also request OASIS to take into account these comments from ÂISO/CS, and re-submit a revised version to ISO/TC 154 secretariat.

Since the draft is close to complete, and ÂI will request TC154 plenary meeting to take into account your suggestion , in particular adopt a resolution to initiate a NWIP ballot on ISO 15000-2. Â

With the resolution on ISO 15000-2, you can re-submit a new revised version draft with the attached updated Form 04 Âfor the NWIP ballot in the future.


Best regards



åää: STANTON Brian [mailto:STANTON@iso.org]
åéæé: 2018å9æ18æ
æää: Jamie Clark ; Zhang Jianfang Mr
æé: Zhu Hongru Ms ; MATHEW Laura ; CHEN Yvonne ; CUSCHIERI Henry ; Chet Ensign
äé: RE: OASIS re-submission of ebXML MSG v3 to ISO TC154 (as ISO 15000-2)


Dear Jamie and Jianfang


I have had a look at the draft of the revision of ISOÂ15000-2 supplied by OASIS to the TC 154 Secretariat, and take note of the work carried out to align better with ISO drafting rules (as I requested in my mail of 2017-02-15 â attached).

The work done is much appreciated, thank you.


However, please note that there are still a number of aspects which are still not correctly aligned with ISO drafting rules, and which I would ask you to correct (both in the document supplied and in the other parts), notably the following:


*Â As this is a second edition, ISO drafting rules shall be used (cf. statement in the Foreword: âThis document was drafted in accordance with the editorial rules of the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2â).Â

* Preliminary pages to be numbered in Roman numerals (i, ii, iii) for all pages preceding Clause 1 (Scope), with the Contents preceding the Foreword, i.e.

oÂÂ i.ÂÂÂÂÂ ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ Cover page (not included in draft supplied)


oÂÂ iii-viiiÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ Contents




oÂÂ (etc. â)


*ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ If this is a revision of an ISO standard, the Foreword shall state this and shall also contain a list of changes compared with the previous edition; in addition, the please use the latest version of the Foreword text â see Simple template [Word], available on the ISO website: http://www.iso.org/iso/home/standards_development/resources-for-technical-work/drafting_standards.htm.Â


*ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ Self-reference to the document throughout the text shall be made by the wording âthis documentâ and not âthis specificationâ.


*ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ The Scope shall be written as a series of statements of fact, i.e. no requirements (âshallâ), recommendations (âshouldâ) or permissions (âmayâ).


*ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ None of the documents listed in ClauseÂ2 are cited normatively in the text and therefore they donât qualify as Normative references â they shall be moved to the Bibliography. In addition, the introductory text to ClauseÂ2 is missing â see Simple template [Word], available on the ISO website: http://www.iso.org/iso/home/standards_development/resources-for-technical-work/drafting_standards.htm.


*ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ The content of ClauseÂ3 is not appropriate for the Terms and definitions clause, which shall contain only terms with correctly drafted definitions; in addition, the introductory text is missing. If there are no definitions given, the text should state thisâ see Simple template [Word], available on the ISO website: http://www.iso.org/iso/home/standards_development/resources-for-technical-work/drafting_standards.htm.


Â*ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ The content of ClausesÂ3 to 10 should become ClausesÂ4 to 11.


 * Please make sure that revisable figures are provided.


I would request OASIS to please send a revised version of the draft to the TCÂ154 secretariat, taking into account the comments above.

Please let me now if you have any questions.


Please note that the ISO/TPM responsible for TCÂ154 is now Ms. Laura Mathew, and the ISO/EPM responsible for editing TCÂ154 documents is Ms Yvonne Chen.


With best regards



brian stanton
editorial team leaderÂ| standardizationÂdepartment | isoÂcentralÂsecretariat


From: Jamie Clark
Sent: 2018-09-17
To: Zhang Jianfang Mr
Cc: Zhu Hongru Ms; MATHEW Laura; CHEN Yvonne; STANTON Brian; CUSCHIERI Henry; Chet Ensign
Subject: OASIS re-submission of ebXML MSG v3 to ISO TC154 (as ISO 15000-2)

Dear ISO TC 154 Secretariat:Â

As you know, OASIS contributed original ebXML specifications TS 15000â1 through 15000â4 in 2004 to TC 154, and has worked with your Committee over the years to support those key e-commerce specifications. Â

We are pleased to submit the updated versions of those specifications to ISO TC 154 for your review and approval.


The original series of six ebXML specifications was developed in 1999-2001 by OASIS and UN/CEFACT. OASIS developed update versions 2.0 of four of the six, and submitted them to TC 154 as parts 1-4. UN/CEFACT updated and submitted a fifth, a core components specification (CCTS), which became part 5. A revision of the sixth, a business process specification (ebXML BPSS), was not completed in time for ISO submission.

Subsequently, we at OASIS worked with the then-chair of TC 154, Klaus-Dieter Naujok and the Committee's secretariat to plan for our submission of the next series of revisions:

A. OASIS ebXML Messaging Services Version 3.0: Core Features

(This is the direct successor to ISO/TS 15000-2:2004, ebXML MSG.)


B. OASIS AS4 Profile of eb MSG 3.0 Version 1.0

(This is new work, an added conformance profile of eb MSG that enables payload-agnostic transmission of ebXML business messages within web services frameworks.)


C. OASIS ebXML RegRep Version 4.0

(This version combined the two prior Registry/Repository standards, and is the direct successor to BOTH of ISO/TS 15000-3:2004 (ebXML RIM) and ISO/TS 15000-4:2004 (ebXML RS).)


D. ebXML Business Process Spec. Schema Technical Specification v2.0

(This is new work to ISO, the original sixth ebXML specification covering business process functions. It is the successor to ebXML BPSS v1.01 (2001).)


All four have been in regular production use for several years, since their OASIS issuance as updated ebXML standards, by multiple global supply chain and e-government systems. The other ebXML specification, CPPA (15000-1:2004), was found by our experts not to need an update, and continues to be in production use globally.Â




OASIS originally proposed the submission of these four updated specifications to ISO several years ago; we worked with the production staff of ISO CS to have the existing approved OASIS forms accepted without change for TC 154 balloting. However, although Mr. Naujok and I were originally informed that the unaltered forms were acceptable, we received revised advice from ISO CS the next year. The revised instructions from CS indicated that re-submission by OASIS of these specifications would require format revisions to conform more fully to the current ISO template, in order to implement our organizations' mutual intent to complete the updated series of ISO 15000 standards.Â


We deeply appreciate and express our gratitude for the effort and assistance provided by Mr. Naujok and, at an earlier time, Maarten Peelen of NEN, as well as Brian Stanton and Henry Cuschieri at ISO CS, to clarify these requirements and find an appropriate way to proceed. Our OASIS TC and editors began the process of making those revisions.ÂÂ


The first revised specification, ebXML Messaging v3.0 (item A above), has been completed. OASIS is pleased to submit it to TC 154, in ISO format for TC 154's consideration. It is attached, along with our submission's Explanatory Report, using the same form previously used successfully. The Explanatory Report also lists all parts to be submitted, which will be re-sent to you shortly in re-formatted versions, being completed this month.Â

At TC 154's 2018 plenary, OASIS asks that TC154 adopt a resolution to activate its review process, by either re-convening a separate WG, or assigning ISO 15000 to an existing WG, and issuing a Call for Experts for the WG to review the proposed updated forms of ISO/TS 15000-1 through 15000-4, and a new part 6, for approval as International Standards.

As with the initial ebXML suite of standards, each part can be used independently, representing specific functional parts of an e-commerce methodology, though they also are designed to be used together, composing into an interoperable suite of methods.Â

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We have been very grateful for our long-term collaboration with TC 154 and other ISO panels, and look forward to our continued collaboration to support these foundational e-commerce methods.

Respectfully, JBC

James Bryce Clark, General Counsel
OASIS: Advancing open data and ICT development for the information society
EU Commission 2018 Rolling Plan for Open ICT Standards: http://j.mp/EUstds2018

OASIS Borderless Cybersecurity conference, October 2018: https://us18.borderlesscyber.org/en/



Attachment: ebms_core-3.0-spec-ISO-submitted.odt
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Attachment: OASIS-TC154-ebXML-submission-Explanatory-Report-Sep2018.pdf
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