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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Fwd: AS4 implementations

On North America,  there are some AS4 deployments in the US (state-level public sector).  I don't know about South America.

In Europe there are several more new large to very large deployments not mentioned, which are (or will be) mentioned at the CEF eDelivery pages.

On 07-05-2020 09:54, Theo Kramer wrote:
Hi All

I received the following email requesting information on AS4 deployments. Appreciate any input from the TC members that I can forward to Saad.

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Saad Asad" <saad.asad@eblueprint.com.au>
Subject: AS4 implementations
Date: 07 May 2020 at 6:44:43 SAST
To: <theo@flame.co.za>

Hi Theo, 
Hope you are doing well. 
I wanted to reach out to you as the chair of OASIS ebXML technical committee to seek some help regarding AS4 implementations around the globe. 
To provide some background: I work with eBlueprint which is a tech consulting organisation based in Melbourne, Australia. We operate primarily in the Cloud and Integration space and have previously worked on the superstream project in Australia which leveraged the AS4 standard for data exchange between Tax authorities and Super Funds. Recently we have been working with a Integration platform provider to support their efforts in creating an AS4 connector for their product. As a parallel activity I wanted to understand which AS4 use cases have found the most traction around the world.  From my research it seems that most adoption has been in EU where e-invoicing, business register, ENTSOG, PNR exchange and others have been implemented. In addition, e-invoicing and superstream has been implemented in Australia. I am very interested to know if there have been any substantial implementations in other regions of the world that you maybe aware of especially in North or South America. Is there a resource that you can point me towards to acquire this information? I appreciate any assistance that you can provide. Many thanks.
Warm Regards
Saad Asad
Program Manager
eBlueprint Pty Limited
Level 12-360 Collins Street
Melbourne,VIC, Australia 3000

M: (AU) +61 4 16 781 601
PH: (AU) +61 3 8370 1100

Theo Kramer
ZA +27826024026
NL +31621939365
Skype theo03022004

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