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Subject: Re: [egov-bestpractice] OASIS E-GOV TC : BEST PRACTICE SC CHARTER

Earlier I said:

| The appropriate format here would be sxi, the nonproprietary
| format supported by free open-source tools and maintained by the
| OASIS Open Office XML Format TC

Actually, the appropriate openoffice format for ordinary documents
isn't sxi, it's sxw.  The sxi format is for presentations, and
I've been using it so much lately that it's become stuck in my
head.  The complete list of openoffice formats is as follows:

   OpenOffice.org Writer               *.sxw
   OpenOffice.org Writer templates     *.stw
   OpenOffice.org Calc                 *.sxc
   OpenOffice.org Calc templates       *.stc
   OpenOffice.org Impress              *.sxi
   OpenOffice.org Impress templates    *.sti
   OpenOffice.org Draw                 *.sxd
   OpenOffice.org Draw templates       *.std
   OpenOffice.org Math                 *.sxm
   Master documents                    *.sxg


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