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Subject: RE: [egov-bestpractice] OASIS E-GOV TC : BEST PRACTICE SC CHARTER

I think this looks good as a charter. It does highlight a possible clarification needed in the overall charter. This says "To provide a mechanism for the creation of best practice documents ...". In practice, as the SC charter says, we will do rather more than provide a mechanism in that we will look for and document (or at least get others to document) best practice.
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Sent: 17 January 2003 15:27
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Subject: [egov-bestpractice] OASIS E-GOV TC : BEST PRACTICE SC CHARTER

Hi All  

The first task of our sub-committee is to produce a Charter for agreement at the next TC meeting.  Attached is a draft for your consideration please.  I don't see that this has to be a very complex and detailed document, hence the fairly short sharp draft.  Hopefully we can reach agreement on the final draft of this by e-mail, but if there appears the need to have a discussion then I'll arrange a teleconference to discuss any particular issues.

I await your comments with interest!


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