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Subject: RE: [egov-bestpractice] Charter; Putting best practices into anEnterprise Architecture context.

The Industry Advisory Council Enterprise Architecture SIG is supporting the Office of Management and Budget's e-Gov initiative by developing a set of recommendations on how to model "best practices' in terms of a component architecture templates.   Might I suggest we adopt this vetted process of modeling and re-using past successes so these efforts can be easily re-applied in other programs.   The resulting solutions templates, will eventually be instantiated in XML to plug into any number of modeling tools; METIS, PTECH, FEAMS, POPKIN, ROSE, etc. 
Also, I am still having trouble opening your charter.  Please resent in an RTF or Text format so I can open it.
BTW: The ICH, and other SAWG and IAC EA SIG Members are investing much effort in developing Solution Architecture Templates and believe that the best practices group could accelerate its efforts by leveraging this work.  IAC White Papers are posted at www.ICHnet.org.  An 2 day EA Workshop on how these template are to be developed and applied will be given at the SecurE-Biz Summit. 
John Weiler
ICH Architecture Resource Center
"From Architectures to Implementation Reality"
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Subject: Re: [egov-bestpractice] Charter

Please see my proposed changes to the Charter in attached.  The agenda is fine thanks.


05/03/2003 15:00

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Please see attached Charter for comment, agenda changes required as soon as possible - please  



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