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egov-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: maewyn.cumming@cabinet-office.gsi.gov.uk

I have just posted the latest version of the taxonomy glossary, which will be discussed at the meeting in Brussels on Monday. There is also the possibility, for those who will still be around on the Tuesday and who have the time, to go into some of the details, definitions etc, if we don't get time go into them at the main meeting

The main issues for discussion are:

On the wider work of the sub-committee;  are we ready to proceed or do we need to wait for other things (ebXML PoC) before going further? do we have the resources to proceed?

On the glossary itself: do we want to develop the glossary into an OASIS specification?

Specific issues on the draft:

1.  Harmonisation / mapping.  More specific concepts and definitions are needed
2.  Are the glossary definitions acceptable to both the XML and metadata communities?
3.  Refinement / qualifier / encoding scheme Ė do we agree on the meanings of these?
4.  Can a taxonomy NOT be about subject terms? (Iíve assumed it can be).  Can a thesaurus? (Iíve assumed it canít).
5.  Where should core components fit into the list of concepts?

Looking forward to seeing you in Brussels


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