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Subject: RE: [egov] OASIS e-GOV TC : LIAISONS

John et al,
I would like to add one more OASIS TC with which I believe the e-Gov TC
needs a liaison point.
The OASIS XRI TC (eXtensible Resource Identifier) is currently in the
latter stages of specifying a scheme for identifying and resolving both
network and non-network resources using fully abstracted identifiers.
I believe that the most relevant aspects of XRIs will be their:
*	Abstraction and Independence
*	Persistence and Reassignability
*	Human-friendliness and Machine-friendliness
*	Cross-Context Identification
*	Authority, Delegation, and Federation
*	Security and Privacy
*	Extensibility
If any of you wish to review the latest version of the specs which are
now going through a final round of reviews by the TC then they can be
found at 
The motivations, requirements and glossary leading to the creation of
the XRI specs are detailed here:
I have signed up to the e-Gov Infrastructure group for the very reason
of introducing the work of this TC since I feel that the topic of
identity is best handled as an infrastructure-level component.
Should you agree with me that the XRI TC would benefit from liaison with
the e-Gov TC then I would be happy to take on that role (I am secretary
of the XRI TC) and present a regular report on our progress and
relevance to e-Gov.
Marc Le Maitre
Secretary - OASIS XRI TC
703 926 1596
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From: john.borras@e-envoy.gsi.gov.uk
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2003 8:25 AM
To: egov@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [egov] OASIS e-GOV TC : LIAISONS

I've always seen one of the major roles of our TC as co-ordination of
governments' requirements and feeding those into the work of other
committees/bodies, rather than us re-inventing wheels and setting up
parallel activities.   To that end the role of our liaison personnel is
particularly important and I'd like to raise the profile of their work
by having a standing agenda item for our TC meetings when they report
back activity from the other groups and we can discuss issues for them
to raise with the other groups.   Will liaisons please therefore prepare
to report at the next TC meeting on 23 July. 

Attached is an updated list of our Liaisons and as you will see there
are a number of new nominees that need to be approved by the TC.   So if
you have any objections or counter suggestions for nominees please let
me have them by 12.00 GMT on Friday 18th July, otherwise I will assume
you have given your approval.   If  there are any disputes we can
discuss them at the TC meeting on 23rd. 

Also please let me have suggestions for any additional liaisons that you
think are necessary. 


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