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Subject: Re: [egov-ms] Groups - Provisional 2008 Work Plan (eGMS provisional 2008 Work Plan071218.doc) uploaded

Thanks very much for the opportunity to comment on your draft work plan.  Having tried to do the same at the outset of the original e-Gov TC, I appreciate how difficult it is!
A few comments on the plan:
Vision - this is good, certainly for the initiation of the eGMS.  It can develop in time given experiences and progress.
Goal 1 - I would suggest it is not the role of OASIS to "promote interoperability frameworks".   If they are any good they will contain many aspects over and above standards.  So the role of the eGMS should focus on promoting the inclusion of open standards in interoperability frameworks and working with the likes of the EC and their EIF to get the right open standards in their standards catalogues.
Goal 1 - I would add OECD and APEC to the list of orgs to engage with.  Is there a similar org that covers all American countries, in which case add that as well?  It is far easier to deal with these types of orgs rather than lots of individual countries.  Why is US Government mentioned explicitly?   They are just one of the "wide range of governments" surely, if not this smacks of being US driven which I'm sure is not the intention.
Goal 2 - the success of this group will depend to a large extent on the direct engagement of governments and administrations, not just their suppliers.  But for them to participate they will want to see clearly what is in it for them.  As you will be aware there is a tremendous range of experiences globally on e-gov from those that are still thinking about it to those who think they have completed the task, with many stages in between.  It is important to recognise these stages of evolution and make it clear in any published material or events which audience is the target.  So although it is implicit in your wording of Goal 2, I would suggest you should be explicit about this aspect otherwise some will think it is all too advanced and difficult for them whilst at the other end there will be those that think there is nothing new in it for them, and neither will join.  A difficult balancing act I appreciate to meet everyone's needs but a very necessary one to manage expectations.   
When we started the original egov TC we got bogged down in trying to analyse the internal workings of government, eg tax, health, education, and trying to identify common processes and data needs but soon found there wasn't much common ground because of legislation, business rules etc .  So I wouldn't start there again.  I think the focus, initially at least given the limited resources that will be available, should be on those international aspects that affect all/most governments, eg anti-terrorism, travel, movement of controlled goods, notification of epidemics etc. 
An important aspect that is not covered in the work plan is the need and mechanisms for liaising with other OASIS TCs who are developing standards that are relevant to egov.  The eGMS could be the forum for producing egov localisations of those standards and/or providing an egov contribution to the TC?
Hope some of this is helpful.

M. +44 (0)7976 157745
Skype: gov3john

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Subject: [egov-ms] Groups - Provisional 2008 Work Plan (eGMS provisional 2008 Work Plan071218.doc) uploaded

Please see the provisional Work Plan for 2008.

-- Dr. Carol Cosgrove-Sacks

The document named Provisional 2008 Work Plan (eGMS provisional 2008 Work
Plan071218.doc) has been submitted by Dr. Carol Cosgrove-Sacks to the OASIS
eGovernment Member Section document repository.

Document Description:
This brief document sets out the main priorities for the eGMS for 2008 -
comments and feedback welcomed.

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