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Subject: FYI only: Rural-eGov

Per interest some may have in (eGov and) outlier jurisdictions:



The "Rural-eGov" project aims to focus on and analyse the needs
regarding public services support of SMEs in five rural areas
of EU member states with different degrees of e-government
services deployment and adoption. It will study existing
e-government services for these rural SMEs and their level of
awareness, and it will develop and evaluate a vocational training
curriculum focusing on how to prepare rural SMEs to use and
exploit cases of e-government services. In addition, a web-based
observatory of e-government services for rural areas will also
be deployed. Rural-eGov is a pilot project that is funded by
the European Commision's Leonardo da Vinci (LdV) programme. It
started in October 2006 and is expected to run for 2 years.

- Robin Cover
   OASIS, Chief Information Architect

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